Sleeping city ~ Tales from the dark side

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sleeping city

Tears roll down my cheeks
As I look out my window
Drops of rain on the glass there was
Like glittering pearls of snow.
Sleeping city,
Bright lights,
Long snakelike streets
Wet like the corner of my eyes.

I remember your doe like eyes
Your skin was made of bronze,
That disarming smile you smile
Makes me melt like snow.
I remember when I held your hand
And showed you through the land
Walking down on empty streets
As the gaslights shone.

Sleeping city,
Birds of the night.
This broken heart,
This telephone line.

Maybe it was my imagination
But you looked your best in white
If everyday was that winter day
Then everyday you were my bride.

Sleeping city,
This midnight.
Your thousand lies,
Love's slow demise,
All the places we'd been,
All the words we spoke,


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