When I found heaven ~ Tales from the dark side

Friday, February 18, 2011

When I found heaven

You bat your eyelids and you take my breath away,
And you don't even try, And you don't even try.
You're walking by, and my heart jumps to my throat
You don't even see, You don't even see.

I'm talking to you on the phone and a smile breaks through my face
Do you smile, Do you smile too?

I'm wondering if this is love,
Wondering about things I cannot see
If I couldn't tell you, then please forgive me
Take your time,
We'll take it slow,
One at a time,

I walked a mile for you, broke a star for you,
Do you even care? Do you even care?
I came along, I wrote a song for you,
Were you even there? Were you even there?

Darling our love will find a way,
Let's wait for another day
And you're lying in my arms
If only this was true.
We'll sit by the fireside.
count the crackling stars
You will look into my eyes
and I into yours,
Was there anything left to be said?

And together we'll ride this winter wheel,
Horse pulls the carriage
We'll ride away, I'll steal your heart
Our pantheistic marriage.

Did you say something?
For it was laughter that I heard
Is it the bumpy road
Or the diminutive toad?
Did you see the blackbird that flew past?
Through glens and meadows we drove past.

I said unto you, is there anywhere more beautiful?
No, you sighed,
The cold wind seeped in through carriage window,
And raindrops like morning dew adorned
My bride's cheeks, it's rosy hue.
What am escape! A long, winding road
Our marriage turned every brick to flower
As the twilight shone.
Alone I stood on the edge of a cliff we were passing by
And wondered how vast the horizon, how vast this life
And how deep the fall, the pain, the betrayal, the adultery.

And she came by my side and said, Look
How vast the horizon, like the vastness of our love
And how deep we fall,
Hand in hand it is nothing at all.
I looked into her brown eyes,
Pages can be written about them,
I got lost in deja vu
Of when I found heaven.


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