If forever was today ~ Tales from the dark side

Monday, February 28, 2011

If forever was today

Maple leaf, it fell in the breeze
Twirling and dancing as someone blew
Gusts of wind, and in each vein was encoded
the blood of my love.
Maple leaf I send to thee
From my hold, this cold dark cell
Damp and musty I crave for light,
I close my eyes and the face was yours.

I count days on the rings of my finger,
Time grows longer than my hand
Till, like the rolling dewdrop,
it falls off and I am lost in oblivion.
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?
"Your skin is ageing, and hair is less
What stand have you lover to stand
upon thy knees and hold that bleeding
rose, that once was your heart
and now it's black and morose."

Still I send this birthday gift
Wish it were everyday,
I hold the smallest grain of sand
In my hand, and wonder if forever was today.
And ours was a gypsy song,
sang in the desert wind,
lovelocked lips and crossed hips
lyre sings the ballad.

I wish I could send more than but a birthday song,
For it's been so long, so very very long
And the interlude demanded more than just this gift,
But fate had it another way
And if so be it, then let it be
Tomorrow will bring opportunity
For bleeding hearts to come together,
I'll see you another day, tomorrow.


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