Mom ~ Tales from the dark side

Friday, February 18, 2011


Goodnight Mom, you're so far away
Not here to wish me night
No lullabies, no bedtime stories,
You're not here to ruffle my hair,
And rock me to sleep.

Goodnight mom, I look at the stars above
They put me to sleep
And sing me songs.
You held my hand as I walked
over rock and vale,
As I grew up and when I fell.

You raised me up like a rock in the middle of the sea
Wearing all storms, fighting it out,
You raised me up to more than I could be.

I held your hand through fire and through rain
You told me stories and kept me calm
Till there was sunshine again.
You took care of us in the bad times and the good
You knew exactly what I needed
Exactly what to cook.

Goodnight mom, I hope you are safe
I miss you a lot.
I hope you get a good night's sleep
As the angels fly above
And pour heavenly sands of sleep
Upon your closing eyes.
Goodnight mom, sweet dreams till sunrise.


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