Tonight I'll be yours ~ Tales from the dark side

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tonight I'll be yours

Stones are strewn on this cobbled street like coffee beans,
The streets are wet
The moon hangs like the unhooked brassiere of a massacred woman
I look at the fast forming figure of that minivan
It's twirling lights like a spidery maze forms in the mist of the night,
The streets are wet
The puddles of mud reflect - light;
Tread upon and splash
I smile my wry little smile.
The night is a lover's night,
Trust me, the moon was witness
To my unclean thoughts.

Screech and splash,
The van stops
I smile and get in,
Money exchanges hands.

He starts
His hands all over my body
Hungry like a lustful python
His kisses envelope my body
He bites and nibbles - my ears
My neck
And my skin stands on an end.
I love him back,
He ties me up
All the while looking at me
With those thirsty eyes
A thirst that a thousand years of chronicles of love
Cannot explain.
I ease myself
As he enters.
I close my eyes,
"Tonight I'm yours"
The violet clouds in the sky moves heated
In the passion of our love.

I see metal,
And a long sharp edge of a knife slits my throat
I try to scream
But my voice has been taken away
He progresses in his business
Brutally ripping me apart
With his manliness
All the while making love to me,
The moon smiles, and the love clouds envelope it
What is the bigger irony?

The last breath escapes my lips,
He has won.


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