Devil woman ~ Tales from the dark side

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Devil woman

Persian slippers and harlem pants
Short black hair, strands on her face
The best things in life come in small packages
Her devilish walk,
Square black heels
Fire on the ground
No girly frills.

Square bloody mouth
In your face
Pick up your shit, bitch
And run away.

No love songs, no postcards for her
They'll burn in her cigarette lighter
Ask her out, she smokes in your face
Fuck off, basket case.

She's so cool, Parvati black
H20 and vodka attack.
Sex on fire, silk lingerie
Money for nothing, your chicks for free.

When she plays the microphone,
Headbanger's ball, Killing tone.
Yet she set the city free
Pornography on child's candy.

She's so fly and when she gets so high
Stony eyes and freedom fries.
Speeding down the highway at 120 miles
Wrong direction, Devil's child.

And everybody knows when she set the church on fire
Burning up passion and desire.
Tonight she's got the fire
Metal guitars and amplifiers
Together we'll rock under the crescent moon
End of days, the nemesis' tune.


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