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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Won't you run

I run, when I hear the bells on the church ringing, by the beach. I run, when I see a kite falling from a sky. I run and in the blur around me, I see people staring at me, in disbelief, I run and I see people pointing at me. These people cannot believe that I run, because all their lives they have sat and watched others run by. They laugh at me and crack jokes and wish I stumble on a rock and fall. Sometimes I fall, all bloody but then I get up and run again, looking back at these people and laughing, "You can't catch me".

I saw her standing by the road I asked her "Won't you run?", she looked scared, her parents had told her that if you run you might fall and cut yourself. She said "No", in a terrified voice, and I smiling ran past her, I ran into a bush of roses, I smelt the incense and cut myself on the thorns. I ran and ran. I saw the sun set and saw the sun rise, I smiled at many on my way, and asked them won't you run? They all shook their heads and said "No, the path is too long". "Haha" I laughed to myself and I ran.

The heavens broke down, and it started raining, I got wet, and I slowed down. I had a fever. In my delirium I ran off a cliff....

I fell, I broke my bones, I almost died. I saw the light fading, and there was darkness.

I woke up, the pain was there throughout my body, pulsating in my nerves. But I stood up, I looked at the sky, it was a hard sun burning my skin. I looked at the sun, and I cried. I cried for my pain, I cried for falling. But then I looked ahead, and I saw greenery, I smiled, I wiped my tears and I ran again.

Won't you run with me? Will I run alone? Won't you know what I am like? Is passion dead? Won't you love me, and let me know that you are there? Won't you give up everything you have and run with me?

Who are you? Where are you? Won't you come and hold my hand? Won't you run?


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