A dream dreamt of... Part 1 ~ Tales from the dark side

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A dream dreamt of... Part 1

It was the first day of college, for many it was just a return to a purgatory they never imagined to live out of, and for others it was a first step into adulthood. TV channels and newspapers were cashing in on the event, with live TV crews infront of every college, newspapermen with flowers in their hands and the respective newspapers, infact harassing the freshers more than their seniors would on this day of metamorphosis.

We are watching one particular college, the second best in the city. One boy walks in, refuses to stand infront of the TV cameras denying his 15 seconds of fame, refuses to take the newspaper and hence was not handed a rose like everyone else, silly boy.

Hundreds of other people walk in, get their roses their 15 seconds of fame each. Now the driveway to the front porch of the college is lying strewn with roses, some trampled upon.

The boy goes up to his designated room, finds a class full of unknown faces (as if he didn’t know any better), sits down in the front and tries to act sleepy and bored of all this excitement. Everyone else around him was buzzing, faces were lit, friendships were being forged, people were being judged on their dresses and their grammar (but of course only in the mind). Noone spoke to him, and neither did he bother to.

Another boy, had walked in through the same front gate delivered his 15 second speech to the entire nation received his roses and had dutifully littered the college grounds by throwing it on the driveway. He was now socializing, getting to know people, his friendly demeanor got him along well with everyone, and on that day itself it was decided that he would be socially “accepted”.


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