A dream dreamt of...part 4 ~ Tales from the dark side

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A dream dreamt of...part 4

“Passengers are requested to put their seat belts on…” the public adressal system droned. A pretty airhostess was miming how to exit the plane in case of an emergency, he looked at her and she looked back for a fraction of a second, and that was it, she went back to her duty of explaining to a whole economy class full of middle aged people how to save their butts if the plane lost its own. Noone was really paying attention, some were flicking through magazines and newspapers provided onboard, others were busy putting their luggage up, and still others were fiddling with the seat belt, wondering how to put them on. Only Rachit was eyeing the girl, continuously, he knew he would catch her gaze again, he did. She faultered for a second and regained her composure, but this time a bit nervous she was. “What a flirt”, she thought. She was feeling uneasy, but it was not bad, she was enjoying it, “Maybe he will ask for my number. But I won’t give it to him straight away I’ll make him work for it”.
“Oh look, there he goes again”, she thought and her heart skipped a beat.
“Probably I won’t make him work as much as the other guys, but yes he definitely has to work for it. I am not easy”.
Two hours passed and she served three fruit juices to Rachit, two more than normal. But still Rachit didn’t make conversation, he was busy with his laptop, looking up only when she said “Sir, your drink”. And each time he would smile, take the drink and get back to whatever he was doing on his laptop.
“Must be something important”, she thought, “otherwise he would have definitely spoken”
Rachit was playing hearts on his laptop.
There was this thing about Rachit and his laptop, he never went anywhere for long without it, and he loved it as much as he loved himself. The laptop was his life, it was almost as if his entire world existed in that laptop.
The public addressal system came alive again to announce the landing of the plane in New Delhi, the captain announced the temperature outside and thanked everyone for flying with XYZ airlines.
Now everyone was getting up, taking their hand baggage out. So did Rachit, he took his sling bag and his laptop bag and stood in the queue for the exit
The pretty airhostess smiled at him, “That was a killer”, she thought. Rachit smiled back and descended from the stairs. The airhostess hadn’t felt worse in years, one should have seen her face. I did. She smiled a half smile at me, and had a look on her face which clearly said “Fuck off. Don’t expect me to greet you”.
“That was really polite”, I thought.


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