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Saturday, June 6, 2009

A dream dreamt of....Part 2

One girl with the prettiest green eyes I had ever seen was sitting in a middle bench, trying to grasp the conversation going on around her, everyone was trying to speak at the same time, and the resultant noise was like disturbed radio frequency. She turned her head often to listen to the speaker. One would imagine that any normal person would be confused, flabbergasted or even mindfucked in the midst of this chaos. But she kept her natural temperament of being graceful in the most mundane of circumstances. This is the girl I fell in love with, and this is the girl that almost killed me, but never even once lessening my love for her.

The friendly boy had a friend, I now realized, he was keeping quiet, but from his face it was obvious he wanted to take part in the conversation, it was obvious that he was being overshadowed by his counterpart, and this was probably causing him some ego deflation. I got to know him later, Aniruddha his name was. The seniors came, to make a fool out of the freshers, but like every other year they made huge ass fools of themselves and left feeling elated at the thought of making a couple of first years dance.

Rachit- The first year who didn’t take the flower.

Rachit was Bengali, well brought up, cultured, well mannered and intellectual. He liked to stray off the beaten track, never once doing the same thing he had done before. He liked to take chances and risk everything he had. He liked poetry, music and literature and abhorred people who didn’t take interest in any of these. He was tall, fair and “cute”, as most girls would like to believe. An idealistic lover of sorts, he liked to be with many women, and gave each one (an almost utter impossible task) his undivided love. How he did what he did and why never ceased to amaze his friends.

On the other side, Rachit was given to intoxication and the occult . He was evil, he knew it, and he prided himself in it. He was a king in his own right, an impulsive child even in his adulthood, and liked the whole world to listen to him while he was speaking.

For the better part, he was a fool.

But Rachit, for some reason or the other had some animal magnetism that naturally drew people to him, he didn’t need to work for it, and thus he grew complacent. He was an enigma, as suggested by many of his friends, a good poet, a good singer, and a good lover.

Rachit wasn’t romantic, neither was he practical. He just loved himself more than anything else. He would have long married himself if it was feasible, but for the time being he had to make do with kissing the mirror.

All these being said about him, he was emotional, sensitive and caring. He couldn’t stand to see others in pain, maybe because he had suffered too much of it. He was almost one with nature, a bright sunny day or the sun’s golden yellow on the green of leaves made his heart melt. He would stare for hours at the sky, either at night or in the day. He would talk to trees, he would listen to birds sing, or fly in clusters. He reflected on the pattern of their flight, and wondered where they went, or probably why one or two birds were falling back. Infact he was so in tune with nature, he could actually tell the future by just looking around him, for signs. He felt that the earth was one whole power box of energy, and everything on the planet was a part of that energy and thus each object was linked to the other. So, the future was linked to the present, present to the past and vice versa. Anyway, I never much understood what he said, but he is probably the only one I have ever seen crying after listening to a song (The man who sold the world by David Bowie). I asked him later, he said that there was nothing wrong; no one had said or done anything to upset him, it was just that the song reminded him of something he’s been dreaming about all his life.

Rachit’s parents were concerned about his son’s activities and school of thoughts, which they thought were too independent and iconoclastic, but they were only aware of half of Rachit’s eccentricities.

Charulata or Charming Charulata from Chandigarh(CCC) as she was better known in her college days was the girl who took my breath away with her sparkling ocean green eyes. Her skin was the purest white tinged with pink, and her hair was light brown with soft curls at the end.

Charulata was very aware of the fact that she was from a small town, now living in a big city like Delhi. She tried to fit in, and it wasn’t a problem at all, people wanted her company, her attention. So she got to choose. And she adapted very fast.

Now Charulata amongst all the characters I am going to mention was the most curious and mysterious of all.

Charulata practiced black magic, and noone knew about it except for Rachit. That too because he was interested in the Occult and he told me. He said he had got signs and vibes from her, that led him to believe that.

Well black magic was one thing, we were all going to delve in, but that’s for later.

Charulata was not at all as kind and generous as she seemed. I felt there was a monster hiding behind that beautiful face, prepared to eat up anything that came in her way. And her way was straight up to the top. She knew what she wanted to do, while we were still reveling in the thought of having finished school and entered university.

She was caring only when she wanted to be and only with people of her choice, otherwise she won the “bitch of the century” award hands down. There was something probably troubling her, but I will never know. Or would I?


charu said...

You would, one day...you would...

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