Part 2. The Underdog, the arrival of the King. ~ Tales from the dark side

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Part 2. The Underdog, the arrival of the King.

A smoking city, within the dust and fumes arose like a sharp sword, a hospital building. The sky was broke, and rains pored down like raging armies from the heavens. There was fear in the air. The light was red, if the Gods were fighting in the heavens, blood had been drawn.
The faint hearted knelt at their altars, and praid to the heavens to forgive them for their sins.
God’s wrath was everywhere… in the streets overflowing with water, in the lifeless bodies that lay inside cars on which trees had fallen. The menacing storm purged the soul of the earth, killing all evil, reminding humanity of who the most powerful is.

Amidst all that destruction, there was creation, a mother’s scream…

Several contractions later, a boy was born, on this fateful day… God’s vengeance in his soul, and on his forehead was the mark of the King…

The messiah had arrived.

His birth wasn’t easy, his umbilical chord had wound around his neck. Several seconds later, he would have died. But as fate would have it…

The doctor looked at the woman’s face, which was now contorted in agony. He felt nervous. He felt a miniscule presence of the grand plan in his mind, and the future that lay ahead. He panicked.

Within seconds, he had a syringe in his hand, he injected it in the veins of the screaming woman. The pain was gone. A child’s cry was heard.

The doctor was smiling as he looked at the woman, reassuringly. The woman looked up at the heavens, and thanked God for this blessing.

Her tired body had given up, but still she saved up enough energy to look at her child, he was bawling now, a small reddish human being. And something in her mind said “Mother I have come…”. She felt a prick on her arm, and soon the whole world seemed to be contracting to a point , she tried to fight it….
She fell asleep.

The boy had won his first war, he was born, he had defied death for the first time.

The boy’s father received news, via telephone. He was ecstatic, he was a father…

A warrior was born.


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