Part 1. The God of War. ~ Tales from the dark side

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Part 1. The God of War.

God was looking down on humanity. Microfocus. A young man, curly hair, Bengali. He was walking swiftly, defiance in his eyes, arrogance in his face. Three bidis in his mouth, his accomplice struggled to keep pace with him. The crowd was waiting for him, near the pandal.

“Ranju bhai ashche…”, they murmured.

The crowd felt uneasy looking at this one man, the defiance in his swagger, and his faithful accomplice at tail.

Ranju was nearing the crowd in fast paces. The whole world seemed to shake with his slight swagger.

He took out two pistols, which were neatly tucked in, on the sides of his Bermuda. He emptied the barrels, in a flourish.

He spit the bidis out of his mouth, bust his knuckles, and ran into the crowd.

Legs, and fists flew at him, but they didn’t seem to hurt him. He was taking one man out after the other. Blood trickled down his cheeks, but it didn’t bother him. He was more intent on destroying the person infront of him.

He was hurt, but in the rush of his adrenaline, he couldn’t feel it.

His accomplice stood and watched, with crossed fingers, his heart jumping with every fateful punch that Ranju landed on his attackers.

After some time, it was all over, blood was on the streets.

Some unconscious bodies lay on the streets near the pandal, and the way they lay, it was tough to discern them from each other.

Ranju, walked out of the mess, the fire in his eyes fizzled.

He picked up the bullets from the streets one after the other and put them in the barrels.

“Let’s go home”, he said to his accomplice.

His accomplice looked at him amazed. “No wonder I worship him”, he thought.

Suddenly the whole world turned black, Ranju felt his head reel. He was falling, but he held on to the fern infested wall on his side.

“I’m alright”, he said. And his eyes closed.

God was perturbed. Something had to be done.
His accomplice, Pocha, was terrified, he held on to Ranju’s hands and started crying, “Ranju da! Tumi amake chere jeo na”.

Suddenly Ranju’s eyes opened. He was alive. He shook his head and stood up.

Ranju....larger than life.


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