Prison. ~ Tales from the dark side

Friday, May 28, 2010


"You know the time lords?"
"No", said a second voice.
"They're everywhere!"
Hungry hands clawed at them through the leeky iron grilles of the prison. Vikram stood up, the faint moonlight shone on his face revealing a rather grungy face.
"Don't! You might provoke them even further"
"I'm trying to drive them away"
Chang was sitting close to the moss covered wall. There are no conversations in prison, even this one is rare.

The half dead army with their broken faces and cracked skulls looked for a gap between the iron rods, their hollow eyes spelt death.

Vikram took the broken leg off his bed and started mercilessly whacking the searching hands. Barely did it seem to affect the dead.

Suddenly the dead were engulfed in flames. Screaming and screeching like bats they started wriggling on the floor of the prison hall. It was the dean with his hellhound.
The hound was twice the size of Vikram, and almost the size of the dean. The dean was monstrous, like a hill, with his red volcanic skin, his upturned horns and his jackal like ears.

“You boys doing alright?”, he said with a smirk, casually flung cynicism. Suddenly something else seemed to attract his attention.
“Grr”, he said as he looked forward, and he made his way, with his dog; dragging the huge chain around his neck, which was the size of a ship’s anchorline and was flaming hot.
“You bastards better shut it before I come”, he roared as he made his way.
They could hear him whipping his lash.
“You don’t mess with anyone in Agaath, even less with me. No food tomorrow”, he said with a laugh, whipping with one hand. Several dark creatures flew in towards Agaath, the moon gave their silhouette a whispery velvet.

They made their way through the drawbridge, their smoky outlines twisted and twirled in the darkness. They bore no guns, they don’t need guns.
A human guard blocked their path, “Where to?”, he said
“Fourth level”, one of them roared through his hood, his face melting like wax, the low monstrous growl frightened the guard. He pressed a button and the elevator trap collapsed at their feet, their edges as sharp as swords. Nothing was forcing them open.

The elevator stopped at the fourth level, they got out, leaving behind a black mist in their wake. They gathered around the keeper’s desk. They exchanged some words. Their black boots noisily splattered the water in the halls. They stopped infront of Vikram’s cell. Vikram watched as the keeper opened the prison lock, one of the black visions forced the door open.
“Screeeech”, the door cried before opening.
“Who are you guys?”, Chang cried out! They stomped into the cell. One of them took Vikram by the collar.
“You’re coming with us”, one of them took off his cloak, his face and voice was humanlike.
“I guess I’ll be seeing you Chang”
“So is this a good time to say take care?”, said Chang.
Vikram smiled.
“So where are you guys taking me?”
No answer.
The clockwork men encaged Vikram by the arm on both sides and walked through the hallway, down the elevator and straight out the front into the open where they suddenly flew into the night. Vikram felt his stomach jump into his nose, and his heart was racing, his armpits felt empty.
“This night is going to be long”, thought Vikram as he felt the cold, hard wind whipping his face.


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