Goodbye ~ Tales from the dark side

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


He looked around, there were a lot of them. He could see their faint, blurred faces looking at him intently. Old friends, new friends and family. They had all come to be with him in his last moments.

He felt sick of all those people looking at him as if he would perform a last minute miracle and suddenly come alive again.

These faces were the faces of people he had loved in his lifetime. He felt like a lab specimen. When death becomes a spectacle.

He tried to die, but he couldn't. He was hopelessly stuck in the space between life and death.

He tried to speak, there were a thousand things in his mind, but he didn't know which one to say. So he kept quiet.

He thought of all the things he hadn't done in his life, and he felt frustration.

He was going to miss his parents, and his ex-girlfriend who was with someone else.

So much was left to be done.

No college anymore, no petty politics, no complexities. He was being liberated.

He felt love rising in his heart.

His mother was crying at his side, he held her hand. Suddenly everyone started to cry.

He closed his eyes, and he was gone.


little boxes said...

I havent seen morbidity find better expression anywhere your blog :)

The Rainmaker said...

thanks :)

shrimoyee said...

she ain't with anyone else anymore and she always missed you.....

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